Saturday, 23 February 2008

Earthquakes and glass

Well, doing this blog for the first time was a bit of a stress for The Antique Mouse, but we got there. He is still finding his feet with this blogging business. In fact he did enjoy being photographed, although he now thinks he should go on a diet and he is not sure whether this was his best side.
One of the Antique Mouse's favourite things is glass, (well obviously when you take a look at him), and he was most perturbed when he felt the earthquake last night. He has a glass collection and has spent most of the day checking it over. At least it all got a good dusting. His favourite piece at the moment is a piece by Stuart glass. It is a relatively modern piece by Iestyn Davies.
When the earthquake came the place rattled and the glass tinkled. All the shelves stayed in place - thankfully. Generally earthquakes and glass don't mix! The Mouse hasn't broken anything since a rather unfortunate accident in 2002, but we won't talk about that! Maybe later.....

Introducing The Antique Mouse

I have been told that blogging is the latest craze. It is trendy, and the Antique Mouse always likes to keep up to date - so he told me he wanted to share his thoughts with you.
Me and the Mouse like to talk with our friends about the latest gizmos that we have tried out, the latest designs and art and lifestyle and in particular what's hot out there.
There are so many questions unanswered - so will normal DVD's work on Blu-Ray DVD machines, where has all the good antique glass gone, and most importantly where has all the good cheese gone?
I have been acquainted with the Antique Mouse for a number of years now. He likes the fine things in life. He is not averse to a glass of port with his cheese. He is very knowledgeable, for a mouse, and knows what he likes.
Today we have been discussing whether Collectibles are 'ibles' or 'ables'. We have agreed it's 'ibles' because it reminds Mouse of nibbles.
I hope that this is not the first and last blog that we are going to do, and that someone out there is going to be interested or get interested.